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What is QHHT?

QHHT is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. It is a process created by Dolores Cannon more than 50 years ago.

She created this pioneering method after working with thousands of people as a hypnotist. Dolores and her work have helped hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions by now. I highly recommend that you Google her, and that you look up her content on YouTube and read her books. She's quite extraordinary.

QHHT—the technique itself—is a three-part process that entails 1) an interview, 2) the hypnosis, and 3) a recap.


1 -The Interview

The interview is where I get to know about your life. If you have lived a lot of hardship, pain or trauma, you might come to a session feeling a little bit shy about talking about your life, but just remember:

  1. Your interview is completely confidential. What is said is just between you and me. I am there to hold space for you with love and support, so that you have the very best experience as you can.

  2. There is no one else in the room during the interview. I will not feel embarrassed or judgmental about aspects of your life story. Please realize that all of us are walking around with our own set of challenges: trauma, pain, anxiety, fears, addictions, violence that we have experienced.  Your session is a safe and confidential experience.


QHHT practitioners have heard absolutely everything that a human being could encounter.

  • You will not hurt their feelings.

  • You will not be judged.

  • You are just going to experience somebody who really sincerely cares about your life and wants to help you.


2 - The Hypnosis

After the interview, we move onto the hypnosis itself. It is a magical experience, and everyone’s session is completely unique.  I will guide you through some visualization techniques which will lead you right into a past life that your higher self feels is most important for you to see in this moment in time. You will feel very relaxed. It's a beautiful experience that it's highly enjoyable.

3 - The Recap

After the hypnosis itself, we do a short recap. This is where we connect the dots from what your life story is and why you were shown the past life (lives) you were shown. This allows us to dig into more of what you heard, what you remember, and what stood out as particularly important for you. And, because sometimes a session reveals some surprises, we talk about those too.

Also, very often, during a session, clients have profound healing experiences. They have so much clarity as to their purpose and as to the things that have been holding them back. They see a clearer path forward. And that is the point!


Let’s also unpack what QHHT is not.

What QHHT is NOT

There are no swinging shiny objects or suggestions that you are getting sleeeeeepppppyyyy.

QHHT is not mind control.

There is no reason in a session setting for anyone to want to control anything. QHHT is a process that has been honed over the course of more than 50 years. It is designed to help you safely delve into a deeper part of yourself and your consciousness, to get the healing and insights that you want. The ONLY person in control is YOU.

QHHT is not a party trick.

A QHHT session is not done in front of anybody else. It’s not for entertainment purposes. The process is completely private, between you and me. In fact, guests and observers are not allowed in the session. It is a safe place where you are completely aware of everything you are hearing, everything you are saying, and everything you are doing. You will not be forced to do or say anything against your will. Remember, you are in control.


What are your questions about hypnosis and QHHT?

Contact me at to share your thoughts and questions, or to book a session.

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