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My Story

Hello! I’m Jennifer. I am a mom of two boys, a wife, a runner, a homeschooler, and a nature-lover. I prefer tranquility, routine, and calmness. I thrive on connectedness, joy, and laughter.  

I entered the holistic health and wellness space over 10 years ago when my then pre-school aged son suffered mysterious health symptoms, and after many doctors' visits, ER visits, specialist consultations, and tests & scans, no allopathic doctor could tell me what was wrong with him. In fact, they said they could fine nothing wrong. Yet, even with "nothing" wrong, they had plenty of medication to offer up (3 different medications to be taken 3 times a day – for life), but no answers as to what those medications would be treating. My intuition told me to dig a little deeper. I refused all medication and after much research, a radical change in diet, and learning to process through hard emotions, my son made a full recovery with no life-long medications needed.

Years later, I would come to have my own health struggles that knocked me to my knees. This time they were not due to diet (since my diet had become so clean after my son's health issues) but were instead rooted in unprocessed emotions.

Through those very different experiences in healing from chronic health issues, I learned that though food is a major part of detoxing and healing the body, we can’t leave out detoxing our emotions and healing from trauma. Nearly all chronic illness or pain is rooted in unprocessed emotions, and sometimes those emotions are from our past lives. When those emotions get stuck in the body, they cause a host of physical, mental, and emotional problems. In using energy healing as a part of my approach to healing myself, I became a certified intuitive reiki practitioner and now help others on their journey of healing mind, body, and spirit.

As a certified health/life coach, certified nutrition coach, reiki master, animal reiki master, and QHHT past life regressionist, I help guide people towards their own conscious awareness of their own body so they can self-heal.

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