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Here is a list of sample questions that are common for a QHHT session. These are not questions that you are required to ask, this just gives you an idea of what you can ask your higher self. You can ask some of these questions, none of these questions, or come up with your own list entirely. Your session is entirely personal to you so you can ask very specific questions about anything you want. Just be sure to come to your session with your burning questions that you want answers to.

Sample Questions



  1. What is my purpose? What am I meant/supposed to be doing in this lifetime?

  2. What lessons am I meant to learn in this lifetime?

  3. I feel blocked in XYZ area of my life, why am I blocked? How can I remove the block?



  1. I suffer from……. Why is this happening? How can I heal it?

  2. My child/spouse/parent has been diagnosed with….How can they heal?



  1. I struggle in the relationship with my partner/family member/friend. Why is this happening? How can it be healed? What needs to happen to improve the relationship?

  2. Can I check on a deceased family member/friend/pet?

  3. Who are my guides/soul family?



  1. What work am I meant to be doing to fulfil my purpose/mission in this lifetime?

  2. How can I become financially secure?


Curiosity Questions

  1. I keep seeing/hearing/feeling…..symbol/sound/voice/image. What does it mean?

  2. I had  XYZ experience/dream, what does it mean?


Prominent “Characters” in your life right now having an impact on your life

  1. Have a list of people you interact with the most, either positively or negatively, in your life right now. For ex. parents, spouse/partner, family members, boss, friend

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