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Preparing for your QHHT Session:


Your session can take  4-5 hours. Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes. I would suggest going light (or none at all) with eye makeup, as tears are very common.

Set your intention before arriving for your session. Be clear about why you are seeking a session. There are several reasons one might seek a session, and being able to convey this will be most helpful to me as I guide you through your regression.

Common reasons for seeking a QHHT healing session:

  • Health- To learn or understand the energetic root or cause of specific health challenges with hopes of resolving them if it is for your highest good.

  • Relationships- To understand lifelong patterns with certain individuals or dynamics of specific relationships.

  • Life Path/Purpose/Life Lesson- What are you here for in this lifetime and what are your specific lessons to learn? You can ask your higher self if there are any specific action steps you need to take or if you are on the right path.

Have a list of questions written and prepared before arriving to your session. Have these questions done a few days prior to your session date. In personal meditation sessions in the days before your session, start connecting to your intuition to open the channels of receiving answers to your questions. Sometimes you get those answers before you even get to your session! But even if you don’t, these meditations focusing on allowing answers to “drop in” will open your third eye so we will have a better and clearer connection to your higher self/intuition during your session.

Have a few meditations before your session where you are imagining yourself floating on a cloud. You are allowing this cloud to drift and float and take you anywhere it feels you need to be. Practice relaxing and allowing yourself to let go of control and go with the flow.

No caffeine or recreational drugs 2 days to one week prior to your session. It can block connection to your higher self.

Have NO expectations! Everybody is different and how they connect to spirit is different. Some people will see still images or even movie-like images. Some people hear information - it may seem to be in your own voice or someone else’s. Some people experience a strong sense of knowing. Some people feel information emotionally or in their physical body. However your answers come to you, trust it.

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