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Reiki to Supplement a Past Life Regression

Reiki can help you release trapped emotions and subconscious programming that bubble to the surface from a past life trauma.


Having a series of reiki sessions is particularly helpful in the days and weeks after a past life regression session as you begin to heal from a past life trauma.


Sometimes past life traumas can be instantly released from the body during the past life session and other times the body will release it very gradually so as not to re-traumatize the body.


Other times there is still a lesson to be learned in relation to that past life trauma so reiki sessions help slowly bring up the energy while opening your intuition to help you understand/learn from it what you need to learn before it can completely go away.


Your higher-self/sunconscious will always do what is for your highest good. So, if you have had a past life regression and still feel some healing around a particular past life event is affecting you in this life, then reiki after your past life session can be very helpful in understanding and removing that block.

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